Dog Days of Summer BBQ Side Dishes

Dog Days of Summer BBQ Side Dishes

As you doggedly brave the heat, bugs and sun, it sometimes helps to remember exactly why you do it. Namely, the heat, the sun and the supreme BBQ buffet stuffed with everything you’d prayed for over a long cold winter. I won’t presume to know how you feel about bugs.

Here are my top 9 quintessential BBQ Side Dishes that no outdoor spread should be without:

  1. Minted Watermelon and Feta Side Salad
  2. Cowboy Caviar Dip and Salsa Recipe
  3. Southern Baked Beans
  4. Cajun Cole Slaw
  5. Quick Broccoli Salad
  6. Panera Macaroni and Cheese
  7. Sweet Honey Cornbread
  8. Pioneer Chewies Blondie Recipe
  9. Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream – Instructions with and without an ice cream maker

And don’t forget keeping everything cool! My favorite idea is to fill a cheap kiddie pool with ice and setting your dishes on top. Don’t forget the pooch either. Fido needs to keep cool under his coat just as much as you do. Also, you can’t resist something this cute!

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