Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe

I’m always last to board the train and frozen hot chocolate is no exception. I was out having a lovely drive when I decided I’d had enough and would wander back home. Well, about two hours later, the road I took (“this is probably the right way”) was not leading me any closer to home and it was time for a bathroom break.

Well one thing led to another and I found my way into a Books-a-Million with a pile of knitting magazines and mighty need for a drink. Now my apologies to the fine people who work in Joe Muggs, but their drinks always suck. They’re way too sweet and fake tasting and this is coming from a person who has absolutely no qualms with preservatives or sugar. Deciding to forgo any awfulness I might encounter with their espresso, especially as their was only one very overworked barista, I opted for this drink.

Guys. The second I took a sip it was like heaven opened up and smiled on me. Seriously, I apparently looked so happy drinking it that I inspired the guy next to me to get up and order one himself. Apparently, my orgasm face is that good because I’ve inspired a whole string of similar events before. I am accepting endorsement deals.

Author’s note: I almost inserted the video for “I Saw The Sign” here. I still kind of feel like I should considering how appropriate it is, but I’ll spare you.

This time.

Okay, so I hardly ever go to Joe Muggs. Aside from the above reason of crapiness, they just don’t have a drive through. Look, I want what I want when I want it and I don’t want to have to get out of my car. Simple.

So I found a recipe to make your own at home. Cue washing a spider infested blender my mom had stored on the floor in a plastic bag. And by wash I mean a quick soapy rinse – I live dangerously. So get your frozen hot chocolate on and thank me later.

Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe

Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe

Source recipe found here
Serves 1 in a tall glass


Just shy of one cup of milk

1/2 cup hot chocolate mix or two packets

1 1/2 cups of ice (crushed is best for home blenders)


Dump everything into a blender. If you have a low setting, start there for a minute and then crank it up to high until the ice is all smooth. If you have a one speed only blender (thanks for nothing, Ninja), then just keep going until you’re sick of it and call it a day.

Garnish with whipped cream or hot chocolate powder if you are so inclined. Add a straw and slurp.

*July 2015 Update: I love having control of my ingredients because I’ve found 2 new ways of making this that are awesome.

For a frozen coco-joe, substitute half the milk for cold coffee. It’s perfect without being too much caffeine.

For a hot chocolate smoothie, slice a banana and freeze for about two hours. Then use the frozen banana slices instead of ice. No more chunky ice cubes and hello flavor!


  1. says

    I’ve never tried that, but sounds delicious especially now the weather’s warming up!
    Have a nice day!
    Duni – via Etsy Blog Team 🙂

    • Zylo says

      Oh it’s so lovely! I bought a big tin of hot chocolate just so I can play with it. Actually… I want one right now! Thanks for stopping by!

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