Gluten-free Weekend Round-Up 5-17-13

I was chatting earlier this week about websites and showed her mine. Her first reaction upon scrolling the front page was, “do you know how to cook gluten-free?” Well, yeah, I guess. I did a 30 day challenge based upon the prevalence of gluten-intolerance and the rise of food sensitivities. So why not do a little weekend round-up in her honor and for anyone else looking for some ideas on where to start.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, you can click the “gluten-free” tag on the right sidebar to find previous gluten-free recipes.

Gluten-free Weekend Round-Up 5-17-13:

Gluten-Free Recipe Round-Up

Dessert First

Let’s do dessert first, shall we? You can do sweet and boozy like an Old-Fashion Cupcake (pictured), super chocolaty like a Double Chocolate Meringue Cookie, and don’t forget things naturally gluten-free like macaroons, custards, and ice creams.

Dinner and Lunch

If you decide to actually eat dinner, then why not browse these 10 ideas for great recipes. Don’t forget that if you eat a balanced protein, vegetable, starch plate you don’t actually need to replace anything. Also, the Paleo diet is on the rise and has a lot of gluten-free options. You can even make pizza (pictured), so don’t freak out.


Don’t forget the most important meal of the day either. You can start off with something traditional like eggs and bacon with a side of fruit without worry. Or you can go the baked route like chocolate zucchini muffins or pancakes (pictured). Grains like oatmeal are generally fine for anyone who is eating gluten-free for reasons aside from serious allergies as many foods are packaged where they package other gluten containing items, so be careful. Check your oatmeal container to see the warnings if you need to be very careful.


Gluten-free? You can still bring the party! Many gluten-free sites gloss over the issue of whether people with celiacs disease can safely consume alcohol made from grain. The jury is still out, but you’re left with good choices – think potato vodka, rum, and tequila! A lemon-thyme tequila spritzer, a root-beer vodka float (pictured), or refreshing watermelon rum punch.


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