On-The-Go Breakfast for the Week

Breakfast is always the hardest for me. I look around at other people and am amazed that they can keep themselves fed. I love to eat so I don’t understand why every meal is such a chore. How hard can it be to feed one person? For those of us who eat while we commute or while at work because there’s never enough time to eat at home, it can get a bit more challenging.

I tend to eat better and more consistently when I’m going the finger-food route so I decided to apply that to breakfast. So far it’s turning out pretty well.

On-the-go Breakfast for the Week

Hard salami, turkey sausage, Colby, Jarlsberg, strawberries, grapes, and apples in the main container. Almonds, walnuts, and crackers on the side. A banana and cup of tea to round it out.

Between breakfast and my afternoon snack on the way home, I ate the large container, about half of my small container, and my tea. I also ended up snacking on a bag of dry cereal and candy at work, but we’re only talking about my attempt at breakfast, right? Right. I always miss olives, raw vegetables, and something pickled when I make these plates, so I might throw in some of those on my next round of shopping.

Anyone have good on-the-go breakfasts suggestions?

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