Panera Copycat Recipes for Cold Weather

Who doesn’t love Panera Bread? They have so many options, but the wait and the price can definitely be an issue. The colder it gets, the more I want to hunker down with a sandwich and a steamy mug of soup, but the idea of putting on pants and braving the wind is absolutely not happening. So I’m going to solve some of our problems with these Panera copycat recipes specifically for these chilly days. You’re welcome.

Start off your meal with your favorite soup.

Comfort game is strong in this creamy tomato soup from The Novice Chef.

Or how about some creamy potato soup from Decorated Chaos?

Can I get a holla for broccoli cheddar soup? This one looks amazing from Hip 2 Save.

Pair your soup with a sandwich like this tuna salad from Mom Foodie.


 Craving macaroni and cheese is a pretty common occurrence around here, and this knockoff from Shugary Sweets looks like the real thing.

Round off your meal with something sweet like these pumpkin muffin tops from The Seeded Table.

I’m sorry, did I jump the gun a little with lunch? Let’s start over with breakfast then.

Who’s Coming to Dinner shows off their great attempt at the spinach and bacon egg souffle.

 And if that’s not enough (and let’s face it, it isn’t) you can browse through the exhaustive collection of Panera knockoff recipes at Panera Break at Home.

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