3 Ingredient Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Bites

3 Ingredient Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Bites | Fanofstuff.com

My home cooking has been abysmal, okay? Abysmal. I didn’t want to make Ramen noodles last night because they take too long. So as I was cleaning out my refrigerator to fill it with new food that is a) not molded and b) intended to be called into service as nutrition, I found some good…

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Smitten Kitchen Apple Sharlotka Recipe – 5 Ingredients

  I have a love/hate relationship with apples. Raw apples look delicious. Sometimes they even taste delicious. But I always end up twice as hungry after eating an apple as when I started. This displeases me. So much so in fact that I tend to avoid apples in damn near anything. This means that I…

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