Pioneer Chewies, The Ultimate Blondies Recipe

Pioneer Chewies, The Ultimate Blondies Recipe:

Once upon a time in California, when I was but a wee babe, my mom would sneak off to a little German bakery. Apparently, she “sneaked” often enough for them to not only remember her but swap recipes. They made these Pioneer Chewy bars that she adored and they offered her the recipe, presumably since…

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April Dessert Recipes Round-Up

Once again, social media has brought me an onslaught of gorgeous and delicious dessert recipes just as I needed them. I’ve been watching Pushing Daisies again and needed pie. So I whipped some apple pie bites, then a full apple pie, and next banana pudding. So I’ve been on the dessert train like you wouldn’t…

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3 Ingredient Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Bites

3 Ingredient Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Bites |

My home cooking has been abysmal, okay? Abysmal. I didn’t want to make Ramen noodles last night because they take too long. So as I was cleaning out my refrigerator to fill it with new food that is a) not molded and b) intended to be called into service as nutrition, I found some good…

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White Chocolate Cherry Blondies

Just wanted to let you guys know, if you’re looking for a sweet something after dinner or you’d like to celebrate something (like Brownies for Brunch day), don’t miss the recipe I posted on Squidoo for White Chocolate Cherry Blondies. I want to get a better picture of the final product soon, but I was…

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