Dog Days of Summer BBQ Side Dishes


As you doggedly brave the heat, bugs and sun, it sometimes helps to remember exactly why you do it. Namely, the heat, the sun and the supreme BBQ buffet stuffed with everything you’d prayed for over a long cold winter. I won’t presume to know how you feel about bugs. Here are my top 9…

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April Dessert Recipes Round-Up

Once again, social media has brought me an onslaught of gorgeous and delicious dessert recipes just as I needed them. I’ve been watching Pushing Daisies again and needed pie. So I whipped some apple pie bites, then a full apple pie, and next banana pudding. So I’ve been on the dessert train like you wouldn’t…

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Gluten-free Weekend Round-Up 5-17-13

I was chatting earlier this week about websites and showed her mine. Her first reaction upon scrolling the front page was, “do you know how to cook gluten-free?” Well, yeah, I guess. I did a 30 day challenge based upon the prevalence of gluten-intolerance and the rise of food sensitivities. So why not do a…

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